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Reln is a multi-award winning and quality-endorsed Australian company, known for designing and producing innovative quality plastic products for the Australian and international markets.

Widely acclaimed in both industry and environmental forums, Reln manufactures its own lines of domestic and industrial products with applications as diverse as surface water drainage, plumbing, agriculture, aquaculture and gardening. Reln also provides design and product management for leading manufacturers in the packaging, automotive, medical, electronic goods and consumer industries.

Reln is at the vanguard of the development of large injection mouldings in Australia. Our large modern plant in southwestern Sydney houses state-of-the-art injection-moulding machinery complimented with other technologies including extrusion, rotational moulding, painting and other product decoration techniques. Reln is capable of manufacturing mouldings ranging from 10 grams to 120 kilograms according to any customer requirements.

Corporate History

Reln Pty. Ltd. was established in Victoria, Australia in 1955. The company's first products focused on the dispersal of effluent water. Reln led the way in gaining public recognition and Government health department approval for their new approach.

In 1970 Reln converted its production methods to polypropylene injection moulding, commissioning what was at the time the largest plastic injection-moulding die in Australia.

In the 1980s Reln began a period of intense research and development designed to expand the application of injection-moulded plastic in domestic and industry use. Under a grant from the Australian Research and Development Board, Reln designed and built the SP-1 Structural Foam Injection-Moulding Machine, which introduced a new concept of injection-moulding to Australia. Reln applied the new technology to the manufacture of robust one-piece large-capacity plastic containers that made an immediate impact on traditional methods used in waste water management, agriculture, and aquaculture.

The 1990s saw a dramatic expansion in Reln's market presence in Australia and overseas. The development and manufacture of 2,450 litre containers, a world first for Australia and the first of Reln's overseas exports, was accompanied by the development of other innovative products that significantly improved waste-water management by communities and households not connected to city-operated services.

Reln diversified its operations by entering the agricultural market, adapting its technology to develop a line of large-scale robust storage and animal-feeding products that now dominate the Australian market.

Reln also began to forge strong relationships with the environmental movement. The company began developing a revolutionary waste-minimisation and recycling technology incorporating the then-relatively obscure science of vermiculture. In just a few years Reln's Worm Factory and Can-O-Worms have achieved a world-wide profile.

With the 1995 opening of new expanded premises at Ingleburn in Sydney's southwest, Reln introduced further proprietary product lines, including an award-winning surface water drainage system. Reln also significantly increased its outreach to the corporate sector and designed and developed state-of-the-art products for a broad range of industries including packaging automotive, medical, electronic products and consumer goods.

A Quality Endorsed Company

Reln’s remarkable growth has consolidated and reinforced its enviable reputation for quality products. Reln's corporate policy emphasises innovative approaches to design and manufacture, relationships with quality suppliers, and the use of state-of-the-art technology to meet the most demanding and even unusual customer requirements. Product quality is an integral part of Reln's manufacturing protocols in the same way that reliability and integrity characterise its business activities.

As testament to the company's commitment to quality, Reln undertook an exhaustive assessment of its quality assurance systems to ensure conformity with the rigorous standards established by the International Standards Organisation. The 1995 accreditation to ISO 9001 consolidated and enhanced Reln's position in the world marketplace. As part of Reln’s continuous improvement our accreditation has been upgraded to the latest ISO9001:2015 (Lic. AMI-QM-78017).

Reln manufactures products to specific customer requirements under the control of specific product quality systems, such as our range of septic tanks. Reln’s range of septic tanks are manufactured to the requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZS 1546.1 - On-site domestic wastewater treatment units - Septic tanks.

Reln’s Growing International Presence

With the increased production capacity afforded by Reln's modern new manufacturing plant, Reln has been able to significantly increase output to meet the growing demand for its products in overseas markets. Reln is an experienced, reliable exporter. The company has been exporting its proprietary line of waste-water management and recycling products since 1990 and currently supplies markets in Europe, Asia and North America.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility has been one of the cornerstones of Reln's development. All Reln's proprietary range of products are made mostly from polypropylene or polyethylene. Of all the polymers used by the plastics industry, polypropylene and polyethylene have the most viable second-life application and are the most easily sourced from the waste stream.

Reln pioneered the use of recycled plastic in Australia and is now one of its leading consumers. Unless required by a product's unique specifications, Reln routinely uses recycled plastic in its products. Reln's program development team emphasises environmentally responsible solutions to meet its corporate client's needs.

Reln's contributions to waste-minimisation and recycling have garnered significant recognition and numerous awards. Reln has developed strong corporate relationships with leading environmental organisations such as Landcare Australia, Keep Australia Beautiful, and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as Government health departments and local governments. Reln's line of recycling products are now distributed by more than 350 local governments in Australia.

Complying with the Green Building Council of Australia’s, Green Star Best Practice Guidelines for PVC in the Built Environment, RELN Group, uses Best Environmental Practice PVC resin and accepts Aymroo fittings, free of pipe, any contaminants and any soiling, for end of life recycling.

Reln’s Awards And Recognition

Reln's technological leadership and business reputation have been acknowledged and rewarded for many years.

In 1987 Reln began representing on the Australian Standards Committee, a position it continues to hold today on behalf of the Australian Industry Group.

The company has been named Innovator of the Year, has won awards for Manufacturer of the Year, and in 1994 Business Review Weekly/ Price Waterhouse included Reln among its list of the 100 fastest growing private companies in Australia.

Reln's pioneering large injection-moulding technology won a prestigious Australian Design Award, as have Reln products such as the Worm Factory and the Surface Water Drainage System. Overseas, Reln products have been honoured by the Society of the Plastics Industry Inc. (Philadelphia, USA).

Reln – Australian Innovators In Plastics

Reln's growing corporate client base includes leading manufacturers in packaging, automotive, medical, electronic products and consumer goods. Reln's team of skilled designers and program development specialists are always ready to provide innovative, custom-fit solutions to meet the most exacting needs of its corporate clients.

Whether the project be development of x-ray translucent patient rescue boards, specialised materials handling, complete air-conditioning units, or our own product lines, Reln’s development team involves all interested departments within the client organisation to achieve the desired final result.

With over 40 years' experience, Reln has made a significant contribution to plastics technology, developed a range of innovative award-winning products, and established an enviable reputation for innovative solutions for its growing corporate clientele. Reln is a leading player in the Australian plastics industry and is set to play a similar role overseas.

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