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Got lots of water?

15 Jan 2012


Got lots of water?

New Storm Masta large capacity drainage is the answer. . .


The RELN Surfacewater Drainage products range has now been expanded to include the brand new Storm Masta.  This large capacity surface water drainage system is the perfect solution for collection of high surface water flows, in large domestic and light commercial applications.

Storm Masta® drainage is suited to larger collection surface areas that need to be drained or where heavier rainfall is encountered.  With a high intake class B galvanised steel grate, large 200mm channel depth/width, specially shaped self cleaning channel base, and multiple outlets for 150mm PVC stormwater pipe, Storm Masta® is designed to efficiently clear high flows of stormwater runoff.

Manufactured from tough, durable and lightweight Poly Propylene plastic the new RELN Storm Masta is easy to handle and features the same RELN easy installation with simple clip together channel and components. The class B grate features lockdown security, and the clever modular design provides an adaptable drainage solution with 90 degree Corner, Inline Pit and Channel with multiple outlet options for 150mm PVC pipe.

RELN Managing Director, Nigel Nattrass commented, ‘pleased to expand the RELN surface water drainage range with Storm Masta. Our customers were looking for the same RELN easy installation in a larger size! …….’

RELN is an Australian, privately owned multi-award winning and quality-endorsed company that was established in 1955. With the largest range of surface water solutions on the market, RELN continues to develop new and innovative products for customers, in Australia and worldwide, that make a difference to water collection and management.  RELN pioneered the use of recycled plastic in Australia and is now one of its leading consumers.


Reln Storm Masta Technical Details

Technical Specifications                                              

Length                  Width                   Height                  Weight

Storm Masta® 1m Channel Class B                            1013mm               273mm                 263mm                 14kg

Storm Masta® Inline Pit Class B                                  536mm                 320mm                 483mm                 9kg

Storm Masta® Corner Class B                                      310mm                 310mm                 263mm                 4.5kg


  • RELN easy installation
  • Strong, durable and lightweight Poly Propylene channel
  • Class B Galvanised Steel Grate with lockdown security
  • Easy clip together joining of channel and components
  • Multiple outlets for 150mm pipe
  • 90° Corner




For further information please contact:

Julian Plante

(02) 9765 7324



Reln Pty Ltd, 14 Williamson Road, Ingleburn NSW 2565 Australia

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