3m Channel Complete

Product Code:
003540 - 3m Channel c/w Plastic Grate Black
003541 - 3m Channel c/w Plastic Grate Terracotta
003542 - 3m Channel c/w Plastic Grate Sandstone
003543 - 3m Channel c/w Plastic Grate Portland Grey
003550 - 3m Channel c/w Galvanised Steel Grate
003551 - 3m Channel c/w Stainless Steel Grate
003552 - 3m Channel c/w Architectural Grate

  • 3 Metre channel mean less work and fewer joins in lengthy drains
  • Joiner securely interfaces with top and bottom ledges of channel and side ribs to provide a secure 3 metre length
  • Lightweight plastic moulding which is tough and durable
  • Anti-flotation feet stops channel from moving or floating during the concrete pour and beds the channel directly on the prepared trench base
  • Sturdy side ribs provide strength to channel
  • Positive clip design joining system with stops the channel connections from coming apart during installation
  • Channel can be cut with jigsaw or hacksaw
  • Channel boasts multiple bottom outlets positions and easy cut out guides
  • With appropriate installation, channels and grate can support a range of passenger vehicles
  • Easy to assemble and install


  • Base Channel Material: moulded black plastic
  • Length: 3m
  • External width: 120mm
  • Eternal height: 129mm

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