Whether your livelihood is the land or you are the passionate "hobby farmer", Reln has a complete range of products to suit all your farm and animal feed and watering needs, including water tubs, feed troughs, molasses rollvers, hay racks, auger hoppers and a range of accessories.


  • Water Tubs
    2500L and 1000L round water tub, 1000L oval water tub, 380L round water tub, 170L water tub
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  • Feed and Water Troughs
    4.2m, 2.4m, 1.5m, 1.2m and 0.68m feed and water trough, Continuous trough, Multi-trough, "D" Feeder...
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  • Molasses drums, Hay Racks and Hoppers
    52L all purpose bin, Hay rack, Molasses roller, Auger hoppers and 3200L multi-purpose tank...
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  • Float Valves and Covers
    Float valves, Float valve covers, Reinforcing frames and Lids
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