Grease Trap

Product Code: 000914

For use in domestic effluent disposal applications to reduce fats and oils entering septic tanks from kitchen sinks.


  • Suits 100mm AS/NZS1260 DWV uPVC Pipe
  • 100mm Inlet Socket
  • 100mm Outlet Spigot
  • Heavy Duty 10mm thick walls
  • 3 Baffles


  • Dimensions: 480mm x 260mm x 355mm
  • Lid dimensions: 575mm x 355mm
  • Inlet Invert Level: 170mm below lid
  • Invert Fall: 30mm
  • Capacity: 18L
  • Weight: 5.3kg

How it works ?

  • Grease Traps are waste water separators that work on the principle that fats and oils are lighter than water - so they float
  • Baffles act to to separate and contain the fats and oils as the waste fuid flows into the grease trap and allow cleaner waste water to flow to the septic tank
  • Grease Traps must be cleaned regularly by a grease trap cleaner.

Where it is used ?

  • Used in line from the kitchen sink to the septic tank to reduce the amount of fats and oils going into the the septic tank
  • Connect with 100mm PVC sewer pipe (socketed end on outlet)
  • Install at ground level in a safe non-traffic area for easy cleaning access.

Why a grease trap should be used ?

  • Fats and oils increase the "Biological load" in a tank and reduce the ability of anaerobic bacteria to digest the effluent sludge
  • Fats and oils overflowing into evapo-transpiration trenches is a major cause of trench system failure.

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