Corrugated Ag Pipe

Corrugated Ag Pipe is a single wall corrugated drainage pipe used for subsoil drainage applications. Manufactured with a corrugated profile from high quality recycled and virgin resins, making the pipe not only strong but also lightweight. Available in a range of sizes including 50mm, 65mm, 100mm and 160mm in slotted with filter sock, slotted and un-slotted. Corrugated Ag Pipe comes in coil lengths ranging from 10m up to 200m and each coil is fitted with a Coupling. All Corrugated Ag Pipe product fitted with a filter sock is RTA approved and comes packaged in a storage bag to help protect the filter sock prior to installation. Reln also offers a range of Pipe fittings.

Two resin material types are available , HDPE SN8 and PVC SN20. HDPE SN8 Ag Pipe is used for general drainage applications such as sporting fields, parks and gardens. PVC SN20 Ag Pipe is used for heavy duty applications such as roads and civil engineering projects where the pipe will be subject to heavier loads and heavy vehicular traffic.

Quality Assurance

Corrugated Ag Pipe is manufactured to stringent specifications. A pipe stiffness test is carried out as part of compliance to AS2439.1-2007, and in accordance with AS/NZS1462.22, which tests the stiffness capabilities of the pipe. Pipe samples are placed within an Instron Impact/Compression Testing Unit and data is entered based on the pipe’s wall thickness and weight. A series of deflection tests are then carried out to give a final reading on the stiffness of the pipe.