Stretch Ag-Pipe

Versatility, Flexibility, Durability, Compatibility. Stretch Ag-Pipe is simply a  better solution from every angle. In fact, our innovative system of expandable pipe and fittings outperforms every other brand.  It actually installs 20% faster than standard corrugated pipe and requires 80% less space for transport and storage. Widely compatible with 90 and 100mm PVC pipe, Stretch Ag-Pipe is designed to work hard, and bend easy.

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  Redirect Water Away          Stretch Drain

Complete Product Range and Accessories

  • Solid Stretch Ag-Pipe
    Available in 100mm x 8m lengths and 65mm x 7m lengths
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  • Slotted with Sock Stretch Ag-Pipe
    Available in 100mm x 8m lengths and 65mm x 7m lengths
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  • Tee Piece
    Connects multiple drain pipes, fits Stretch Ag-Pipe - available in 100mm and 65mm
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  • End Cap
    Seals drain pipe end
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  • Drainage Channel Coupling
    Connects Stretch Drain to RELN surfacewater drainage 90mm outlets
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  • Flexible Downpipe Adaptor
    Connects gutter downpipe to drainpipe. . .
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  • Relief Valve
    Allows overflow of excess water. . .
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  • Drainage Peg
    For anchoring 100mm drainpipe. . .
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  • Stretch Ag-Pipe End Outlet
    Connects Stretch Ag-Pipe to RELN surfacewater 90mm drainage system outlets
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Stretch Ag-Pipe Features:

  • Stretch Ag-Pipe is more flexible than traditional corrugated pipe and will bend around any obstacle yet still retain its shape during installation.
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Saves time and money
  • No elbows needed
  • Complete range of accessories
  • Compact design for easy transport
  • Fits 90mm & 100mm PVC pipe