Inline Pit

Product Code:
003585 - Inline Pit c/w Plastic Grate Black
003586 - Inline Pit c/w Plastic Grate Terracotta
003587 - Inline Pit c/w Plastic Grate Sandstone
003588 - Inline Pit c/w Plastic Grate Portland Grey
003589 - Inline Pit c/w Plastic Grate Herritage Green
003595 - Inline Pit c/w Galvanised Steel Grate
003596 - Inline Pit c/w Stainless Steel Grate
003597 - Inline Pit c/w Architectural Grate
  • Inline pit is designed for fast easy connection to Rain  Drain channel
  • When installed the Inline pit looks like part of the Rain Drain channel
  • Preformed pipe outlets allow for quick and easy PVC glueing of 90mm storm water pipe
  • Centralized side spigots for a visually appealing design
  • Sturdy Side ribs, anti-floatation and clipping connection features matching the channel design
  • Long length spigots for easy pipe connections
  • Easy fitment of Leafguard to keep storm water pipes clean

  • Length: 343mm
  • Width: 120mm
  • Height: 251mm
  • Capacity: 6.5L

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