Sewerage Solutions

  • Reln has the complete system to dispose of domestic waste water as required by AS/NZS1547
  • Reln’s innovation pioneered modern developments in septic effluent disposal with Australia’s original plastic effluent drainage trench and in 1990 with the introduction of Australia’s first injection moulded plastic septic tank.
  • Reln septic tanks are manufactured to the requirements of AS/NZS1546.1


  • Septic and Holding Tanks
    Reln’s 3200 Litre Septic Tank brings you the latest design that technology can offer...
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  • Grease Trap
    For use in domestic effluent disposal applications to reduce fats and oils entering septic tanks from kitchen sinks.
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  • Reln Drain Trenching
    Perfect for septic effluent, sullage waste or stormwater. 3 sizes to choose from...
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  • Drain Matting
    Reln offers a wide range of non-woven geotextiles for soil separation, filtration and protection...
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  • Pumpwell
    Designed to pump wastewater in domestic systems where the flow in the pipe is required to be pumped to a higher location.
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