Surface Water Drainage

Reln has the complete range of Surface Water Drainage Products to meet your drainage needs around the home or your commercial applications:

  • Manufactured from tough, durable, UV stabilised recycled plastics
  • Available in a number of modern designer colours
  • Range of grates to suit a broad range of applications.

Range of sizes for any surface water solution or application For more information about the chemical compatibility of our products, see below.


  • Storm Mate
    Straight line drainage perfect for paths & driveways with heelguard grate. 5 Tonne vehicle safe, 85mm shallow profile depth. . .
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  • Storm Drain
    Complete Drainage System with full range of accessories. 5 Tonne vehicle safe, 129mm deep profile depth. . .
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  • Storm Drain Pro
    Our newest addition to the surface water drainage range.
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  • Storm Master
    Commercial Size Drainage perfect for the collection of large flows of water. 10 Tonne vehicle safe, 263mm large profile depth. . .
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  • Rain Mate
    Perfect for straight line applications while offering flexibility with grate options. 5 Tonne vehicle safe, 75mm shallow profile depth. . .
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  • Rain Drain
    Offering complete flexibility this system is the perfect surface water solution. 5 Tonne vehicle safe, 129mm deep profile depth. . .
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  • Uni-Pit Vortex
    Easy to install, simply cut pipe to required height & PVC glue to join. Vortex action prevents pooling water . . .
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  • Stormwater Pits
    We have the pit for your surface water drainage needs, in a variety of sizes and grate options ...
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  • Concrete Tape
    Protect your grate when pouring concrete with the brand new RELN concrete tape. Available in 9 metre or 50 metre rolls. . .
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  • Polymer Concrete Range
    Reln's range of polymer concrete pits and channel are the solution to commercial sized drainage problems. Polymer concrrete is lighter than concrete, has a high compressive strength, 3 times stronger than traditional concrete, low porosity surface and protection from large ranges of alkalis and acidic fluids.
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The Surface Water Drainage System

A complete system

The Reln Surface Water Drainage System is a complete solution for the collection and dispersal of surface water. Typical applications include around patios, swimming pools, sports courts, and gardens, across driveways, along pathways and retaining walls, in fact any area where surface water collects.

Maximum flexibility

The system's design allows maximum flexibility in length of channels, cornering, and volume of water. You can connect the Reln Surface Water Drainage System to 90mm stormwater pipes. Collection pits can be fitted with Reln Leaf Guards to prevent leaves and other debris clogging pipes, stormwaters, and waterways.

Tough and durable

All components are tough, durable, single-piece mouldings. Strong bicycle-proof grates are available in plastic or aluminium. With proper installation, the system is designed to handle reasonable domestic vehicle loads.

A professional finish

Grates are available in 5 colours - black, portland grey, sandstone, terracotta and heritage green - they give a superb professional finish to complement any setting.

Easy to install

The Reln Surface Water Drainage System is easy to install and comes with user-friendly installation instructions.

Download Storm Mate Installation Instructions
Download Storm Drain Installation Instructions
Download Storm Masta Installation Instructions
Download Rain Mate Installation Instructions
Download Rain Drain Installation Instructions

Chemical Resistance Chart

Reln’s products are generally design for use with water. Our website contains chemical compatibility guides from various polymer manufacturers, provided to help customers with most questions in relation to polymers and particular chemicals. These guides in no way provide a guarantee of performance of Reln products with chemicals. For specific chemical compatibility beyond the advice of the polymer suppliers, Reln recommend that customers conduct their own compatibility testing to establish their own suitability of Reln products in contact with chemicals.

Download Chemical Resistance Chart