Rain Drain

Rain Drain Features:

  • Deep 100mm wide throat drainage channel for all domestic drainage applications
  • Variety of grate options to suit any purpose and aesthetic appeal
  • A complete range of components and accessories
  • Tough, durable and lightweight moulded plastic
  • With correct installation, channels and grates can withstand passenger vehicles
  • Easy to assemble and install


Complete Product Range and Accessories

  • Concrete Tape
    Protect your grate when pouring concrete with the brand new RELN concrete tape. Available in 9 metre or 50 metre rolls. . .
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  • 1m Channel Complete
    Lightweight plastic moulding which is tough and durable
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  • 3m Channel Complete
    3 Metre channel mean less work and fewer joins in lengthy drains
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  • Inline Pit
    Inline pit is designed for fast easy connection to Rain  Drain channel
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  • 90 Degree Corner
    Unique design allows left or right turns.Easy to assemble and install.
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  • Bottom Outlet
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  • Leaf Guard
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  • End Outlet
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  • Joiner
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  • End Cap
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