Rain Mate

Rain Mate features:
Tough, durable, lightweight plastic moulding
Easy to assemble and install
Complete range of grating options to suit any application
Bottom outlets connect the system to standard 90mm storm water pipe
Channels can be cut with jigsaw or hacksaw to other sizes
Ledge (foot) at base of channels prevent flotation during pouring of concrete
Channels and grate can support a range of passenger vehicles, with appropriate installation
Made in Australia

Our Rain Mate system makes straight-line and shallow drainage installations along paths and driveways easy. 


Complete Product Range and Accessories

  • Concrete Tape
    Protect your grate when pouring concrete with the brand new RELN concrete tape. Available in 9 metre or 50 metre rolls. . .
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  • 1m Channel
    With appropriate installation, channels and grate can support a range of passenger vehicles
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  • Garage Pack
    Garage Pack includes 3 x 1m Channel and Grate and 2x End Caps
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  • End Cap
    Easy to install at either end of channel with silicon
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  • Bottom Outlet
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  • Leaf Guard
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