Storm Drain


  • Tough, durable, lightweight plastic moulding
  • 1m and 3m Channels gives flexibility; 3m Channels means less work and fewer joins in lengthy drains. Channels can be cut with jigsaw or hacksaw to other sizes.
  • Ledge (foot) at base of Channels prevents floatation during pouring of concrete.
  • Joiners allow the construction of lengthy channels.
  • End Caps finish branches of the drain. When a hole is cut inside the flange, the End Cap connects the system to standard 90mm stormwater pipes.
  • Grates are available in black, heritage green, sandstone, portland grey, terracotta, stainless steel and ductile iron.
  • With appropriate installation, Channels and Grates can support a range of passenger vehicles.
  • Easy to assemble and install.


Complete Product Range and Accessories

  • 1m Channel with Grate
    Ideal for the home handyman, Storm Drain is tough, durable and lightweight
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  • 3m Channel
    3m Channel, perfect for longer applications
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  • Slimline Pit
    Storm Drain Slimline pit is designed for fast easy connection to Reln Storm Drain. When installed the Slim-Line pit looks like part of the Storm Drain channel. Preformed pipe outlets allow for quick and easy PVC glueing of 90mm stormwater pipe
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  • End Cap
    End cap slips into Storm Drain. Easy to install at either end of channel.
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  • End Outlet
    Easy to install, fits 90mm PVC pipe
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  • 90 Degree Corner
    Channel Corner Clips connect Channels to make 90 degree corners and T-intersections. Unique design allows left or right turns. Tough, durable, lightweight plastic moulding. Easy to assemble and install. All colours available and stainless steel.
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  • Concrete Tape
    Protect your grate when pouring concrete with the brand new RELN concrete tape. Available in 9 metre or 50 metre rolls. . .
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  • Storm Drain 4-way connector
    Enables easy change of direction in Storm Drain channel.
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  • Tee Piece
    The quick and easy way to create a branch line.
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  • Atrium Leaf Guard
    Tough and durable. Prevents passage of leaves and debis entering stormwater systems and waterways. Easy and simple to install
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  • 1m Grate Options
    1m grate available in many colours and material options
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  • Storm Drain Civil Range
    Heavy duty grate. 15 tonne wheel rating. Class C. Suitable for slow moving heavy vehicles, semi trailers, forklifts . . .
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