Recommended Trade Products

  • Storm Mate
    Straight line drainage, perfect for paths & driveways with heelguard grate. 5 Tonne vehicle safe, 85mm shallow profile depth.
  • Storm Drain
    Complete Drainage System with a full range of accessories. 5 Tonne vehicle safe, 129mm deep profile.
  • Storm Masta
    Commercial size drainage perfect for the collection of large flows of water. 10 Tonne vehicle safe, 263mm large profile depth.
  • Stretch Drain
    Versatility, Flexibility, Durability, Compatability. Stretch-Drain is simply a better solution from every angle.
  • Corrugated Ag Pipe
    Reln Ag Pipe is a single wall corrugated drainage pipe used for subsoil drainage applications.
  • Uni Pits
    No Pooling Water. No more mosquitos! Easy to install, simply cut pipe to height and PVC glue to join.
  • Stormwater Pits
    We have the Pit for your surface water drainage needs, in a variety of sizes and grate options.
  • Septic and Holding Tanks
    Reln has been trusted to provide sewerage water products since 1954.
  • Soakwells
    Soakwells clear unwanted water in sandy soil fast . . .